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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I reduce heat loss through an open fireplace?

    Drafty fireplaces translate to a big heating bill. True, most fireplaces have a damper system, but these are often ineffective and can be hard to operate. In fact, many homeowners would rather seal up a fireplace they don't use much, rather than pay for ongoing energy loss.

    A better solution is a chimney top damper. It's installed on top of the chimney with a gasketed seal to prevent downdrafting or updrafting. Opening and closing the damper is as easy as pulling a handle inside the fireplace.

    Tightly-fitting glass doors will also significantly reduce heat loss. In a conventional fireplace, a combination of top damper and glass door is the most effective way to stop heat loss.

  2. How soon can I close the dampers after my fire goes out?

    Dampers (both internal & external) should be left open for 24 hours after the fire goes out.

  3. When should I open or close my glass fireplace doors?

    While glass doors should be left open while you're using your fireplace, you should close them as the fire dies to reduce heat loss.


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