The Ludeman’s Story

Ludeman’s began over 29 years ago with Mark and Jennifer Ludeman. But it wasn’t always “Ludeman’s,” per se. In Jennifer’s words:

“One day while I was taking a nap, Mark purchased a Troy-Bilt rototiller on credit. In order to pay for this, Mark started rototilling gardens afternoons and evenings while I booked the jobs.” This evolved into M & J Garden Services, a full-time lawn care business. Then they met a professional chimney cleaner and started a new business: Ye Olde Chimney Sweep. Dressed in a top hat and tails, they went door to door, cleaning chimneys. When they moved to a new house and needed a stove, the Ludemans started selling those, too – and Ye Olde Woodstove Shop was born, their first retail location.

When the State of Oregon decided to tear that down to widen the highway, the Ludemans moved their business to Beaverton, where they added barbecue parts and patio furniture sets to the repertoire. Over the next 10 years they expanded into fireplaces, awnings, indoor dining, gifts, books – just about everything for the home. Not to mention seeds, chicks, fertilizer, tools and everything else in the Ludeman’s Farm & Garden Center.

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