How to Clean Fog Machine Residue

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Fog machines are a great way to add a spooky or dramatic effect to your party or event. However, with every use, they leave behind a residue that can be difficult to clean. In this article, we will go over the top 10 ways to clean fog machine residue and answer some frequently asked questions. … Read more

Fog Machine 400W vs 1000W

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Fog machines are a popular special effect used in many events, such as concerts, parties, and haunted houses. However, with so many different wattages available, it can be challenging to determine which one is best for your needs. In this article, we’ll compare the 400W and 1000W fog machines to help you make an informed … Read more

Haze Fluid in Fog Machine

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If you’re looking to create a spooky or atmospheric effect for a stage production, concert, or haunted house, a fog machine can be a great tool. But to take your production to the next level, you may want to consider using haze fluid in your fog machine. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need … Read more

All You Need to Know About Color Fog Machine Smoke

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If you’ve ever been to a concert, a Halloween party, or a theatrical performance, you may have seen a color fog machine in action. Color fog machine smoke is a popular special effect that adds an eerie, mysterious, or exciting atmosphere to any event. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about … Read more

Fog Machine Spitting Liquid

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Fog machines have become a popular addition to parties, concerts, and other events. They create a spooky and exciting atmosphere that is perfect for Halloween or any other occasion. However, one issue that can arise with fog machines is when they start spitting liquid instead of producing fog. In this article, we will discuss the … Read more

Fog Machine Leaking

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Fog machines are a popular choice for enhancing the ambiance of events, parties, and performances. However, they can be prone to leaks, which can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. In this article, we will explore the top 10 causes of fog machine leaks and provide tips on how to fix and prevent them. Top 10 … Read more

How to Use a Fog Machine to Make Snow

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Are you looking for a way to create a winter wonderland in your home or event space? Look no further than a fog machine! With a few simple ingredients and a fog machine, you can create a snow-like effect that will leave your guests in awe. In this article, we’ll show you how to use … Read more

Will Fog Machine Set Off Sprinkler System?

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If you’re planning to use a fog machine in an indoor space, you may be wondering if it can set off a sprinkler system. The short answer is that it’s unlikely, but it’s important to understand how sprinkler systems work and what factors can cause them to activate. Can a Fog Machine Set Off a … Read more

Do You Have to Turn Off Pilot Lights When Fogging?

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If you’re planning on fogging your home to get rid of pests or other unwanted visitors, you may be wondering if you need to turn off your pilot lights before doing so. It’s an important question to consider, as leaving your pilot lights on during fogging can potentially be dangerous. In this article, we’ll also … Read more